A Chief's Idea for Next-Gen Officer Safety

A Chief's Idea for Next-Gen Officer Safety

We were featured in an email sent out from the FBINAA today. Read the whole email sent out below...

We're doing things a little differently

Relay was purpose-built from a police chief’s idea to provide modern means for members of a community to alert nearby police officers to issues with better information, in real-time.

Chief Gebhart believes that working hand-in-hand with his citizens to prevent and solve safety issues starts with putting better tools in everyone’s hand. With Relay, officers get pictures, pinpoint GPS location, and all the details of a concern before even putting their car in drive.

We can’t keep people safe if safety systems are overwhelmed

Nobody likes getting put on hold. Especially when you’re calling 911. For some communities, as many as 90% of calls to 911 are not emergencies. Relay helps offload, route, and prioritize these calls, freeing up first responders to focus where they’re needed most– on saving lives.

How it works

The Relay platform allows access via a laptop, desktop, or smartphone to enable direct communication between neighbors and nearby LEOs. Users can send direct messages back and forth, agencies can broadcast important messages, and neighbors can report safety issues, which are then automatically routed to the most appropriate nearby personnel.

Success stories are flooding in

With agencies already signed up around the country, we've seen use of Relay for a variety of situations, such as:

  • Sending real-time shelter-in-place alerts for active shooter situations
  • Enlisting neighbors to provide tips that ended a drug trafficking operation
  • Requesting (and receiving) missing person tips to a series of specific city blocks the person was seen leading up to their disappearance
  • Pushing out alerts about major traffic accidents on busy roads
  • Notifying residents of timely public health advisories related to COVID-19

Be our next success story

Cities who’ve adopted Relay become consistently rated as some of the safest in the country. If you believe your agency would be a good candidate to run Relay, reach out. We’ve opened up a limited number of spots, so be in touch soon. Be up and running in less than 48 hours.

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