Introducing Broadcasts: Geo-Targeted, No-Hassle Public Alerts

We've been growing quickly since we first debuted at the FBINAA conference last July and officially launched this January. In the last two months alone, we’ve more than doubled the number of Police Agencies and Citizens we support.

Now, we are excited to share our latest addition - Broadcast. This feature allows you to send real-time alerts directly to residents in just a few taps. Residents receive notifications on their phones and are able to view the Broadcast's message, photos, and location in Relay.

Keep your residents informed

With thousands of people already signed up, we’ve seen agencies across the country use Broadcast to alert residents about a variety of things, such as:

- Shelter-in-place alerts for criminal activity happening in real-time

- BOLOs and requests for reports via Relay if a suspect is seen

- Missing persons around a specific neighborhood

- Major traffic accidents on busy roads

- Public health advisories related to COVID-19

We're always gathering feedback, especially on our new features. If you're interested in getting an early preview, email and we'll set up some time.