Indianapolis Motor Speedway partners with Relay service to help keep attendees safe and informed

Indianapolis Motor Speedway partners with Relay service to help keep attendees safe and informed


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Local tech startup provides single, accurate source for all public safety events real-time updates for users

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) is now partnering with Relay, a locally developed community engagement and crime prevention service allowing citizens to easily report safety concerns. If a citizen sees something suspicious, he or she can take a picture, add a description of the incident and report it through Relay using a smartphone or desktop computer. Reports made are directly monitored by IMS and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) staff and the best-equipped team will be sent to respond.

“Using Relay allows us to drastically improve the systems behind public safety and connect users with the right assistance based on their needs allowing users to stay informed, safe and connected,” said DJ Muller, co-founder and CEO of Relay. “IMPD successfully rolled out the use of Relay during March Madness. Safety is a community effort and we need everyone to help race day be a safe day.”

During race weekend, Relay will provide extra support with:

  • Real-time alerts for lost children, road closures and other safety concerns
  • Connection with all security personnel at the race and anywhere in Indianapolis
  • Status updates when a user makes a report to know it’s being handled
  • Instant access and real-time messaging with nearby officers for non-emergency safety concerns

Instead of calling 911 about suspicious activity, property crime or other concerning, but a non-emergency event, community members can provide this information directly through Relay - freeing up dispatch for true emergencies. Relay works to connect people who have safety concerns directly with first responders nearby who are best equipped to handle a given situation. Some safety concerns may be better suited for a specific group such as IMPD’s Homeless Unit that has health professionals from Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital on patrol with them. This targeted team is able to safely address any unique needs such as helping to obtain shelter and medication while also connecting people with community organizations such as Horizon House and Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention.

Officers have the ability to receive reports in seconds from their in-car computer or smartphone giving them more context on what they’ll see upon arrival; making for safer and more efficient responses. The user will then receive real-time alerts from the officer providing updates. Users can also watch other reports in their neighborhood through Relay’s map feature – including any important messages from IMS or IMPD.

With tens of thousands of users in 45 states, Relay works anywhere in the United States but has an enhanced user experience in connected departments allowing for additional communication. Relay has already partnered with police departments in Indianapolis, Wisconsin, New York, Mississippi and Kentucky.

To use Relay, citizens need to download the service, report the incident and then follow any updates. The free service can be found by visiting or searching for “Relay Safety” in the app store. The user experience will continue to be enhanced. For more information, visit

About Relay

Launched in February 2020 as a High Alpha startup, Relay is a community engagement platform to help connect first responders with the citizens they serve, creating a space for community protection to thrive. Relay’s products create easy avenues to help, report and communicate in real time, while putting privacy first. Users can send 1:1 communication for safety concerns to the closest local law enforcement agency, and receive alerts from nearby officers about key activity happening in the area. For more information and to download Relay, you can visit For brand assets and product photos, visit The Relay Press Kit.