New Upgrades, Even Better Information

New Upgrades, Even Better Information

From day one, we’ve talked a lot about one-to-one connections, and giving average people a little more perspective into what policing is all about. The way we see it, if people could have more interactions with police when they don’t have a problem, they’ll already know their police when they do.

Shortly after we launched earlier this year, we heard right away from agencies that the ability to have a request come in and then respond was great– having pictures, pinpoint locations made a big difference for officer safety. But we got a lot of requests for the ability to do even more, to allow the communication to flow a little more freely.

So, we’ve been doing some testing over the last few months, and today we’re launching some improvements that give officers even better intelligence and boost their safety, while having tighter connections with the community they serve.

Call Follow-ups

You’ve told us that there’s lots of situations where you want a little more information in a call, or more pictures of a scene before you head over. Now, you can.

You can also clear calls without even putting your car in drive. Here's how:

Request the right pictures, statements, and other details from citizens on scene, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Read more about followups here.

Enhanced Alerts

You can now get alerted via text/sms, email, or the usual browser alert when a new call comes in.

No court-discoverable information will be sent in these alerts, so you're good getting these on a personal device if you want.

Read more about alerts here.

Alert On, Alert Off

When you activate those alerts, you need to be in control of them. That’s why we added an on/off switch.

Toggle on when you want them, toggle off to silence them.

There’s a lot more in store in the coming months, and we can use your help to get Relay right. Reach out at with how we can improve, what we’re missing, or what you love. And in the meantime, be safe.