Community Engagement

Any seasoned officer knows communication is vital to not only staying safe, but to daily success in preventing and responding to criminal activity. With Relay, residents and officers connect directly, using our AI-driven technology to route information while our intelligent filtering prevents calls from overwhelming those on shift.

Finally, you can close the loop and get information from anyone who can help. Imagine being able to efficiently interview every witness at a scene, even those that left before you arrived. The Relay platform brings everyone together, collaborating to solve what previously would've required a press conference.

Cut Through The Noise

Relay is a purpose-built platform to encourage collaboration between citizens and the first responders whose job it is to assist them. We're not a social network, so things aren't lost in mass discussions. And when our responders receive information, it's meant directly for them, not for neighborhood gossip.

Reach Citizens With Broadcast

When an officer sees something happening, they can instantly alert nearby citizens about what is going on. Broadcasts offer the ability to send out BOLOs soliciting tips via Relay, or advise people to stay out of an area during an active shooter situation, or simply notify people that there's been a traffic accident and to plan on a different route.

Targeted Messages Right Where They're Needed

Call lists. Mass text alerts. Email blasts. These are all things of the past. With Relay, you can dial into a specific city block, neighborhood, or portion of your jurisdiction to notify residents of– or solicit them for– important information.

Did anyone else experience any porch piracy over the weekend? Were there any witnesses to that hit-and-run? Send reminders about COVID-19 restrictions being in effect straight from your phone. We're seeing Broadcasts used in ways we've never even thought of. Will you be next to surprise us?

Your Neighbors Love Using Relay

Data-Driven Policing

Get real-time data, reports, and analytics on everything you respond to. Agency leaders can use real-time dashboards to help analyze the incidents you are receiving and responding to. Use report data to highlight trends, repeat offenses, or areas that need more attention.

Understand the needs of your community like never before.

Calls by officer and calls reported over 7, 30 days, or more

Real-Time Dashboard

View your real-time dashboard to understand things like officer response times, the types of calls being reported, and map hotspots.

Find "That One Call"

Search and filter past call reports to find trends and research ongoing investigations.

Response Timeline

Watch calls unfold in real-time as LEOs work together to respond to the needs of your residents.