Our Latest & Greatest

Our Latest & Greatest

The Relay Team is always looking for great new ideas to keep improving the interactions between neighbors and the first responders who serve and protect them. That’s why we constantly conduct feedback sessions with our neighbors, along with not only existing Relay Responder users, but with first responders in general.

The way we figure it, we’re not doing our jobs if we’re not helping first responders do theirs. Relay is purpose-built to make you a stronger patrol officer, investigator, witness interviewer, and community advocate– all while giving you the ability to catch more bad guys.

So we’re excited to announce our latest release of upgrades to the Relay platform, rolling out today:

We get it. So many systems to remember passwords for. It’s a pain. So we’ve added the ability to email a “magic link” to yourself. Click the link, and you’re logged in. That’s it.

You will need to do this each time you log in, but you'll never need to remember a password for Relay again. Alternatively, click "sign in with email and password" if you prefer that route, or have your account information saved in your browser and want to go that way.

Dramatically Improved Search.

So many times you’re looking for “that one call” and you can only remember a few keywords about it– the street it was on, a weird eye color mentioned in the narrative; the list goes on. We’ve rewritten search from the ground up, and we think you’ll like the changes.

Before you head on your next non-emergency call, do a quick search and see if you’ve had any calls on the same street, or the same type, and more. Uncover trends so you know what to expect.

Upgrades to Reporting & Metrics.

“Data-driven policing” is a hot buzzword, but for agencies that want to figure out how to better focus time and energy, we’ve got the solution. View calls by responding officer, location, type, even heatmaps.

Log In To Relay Responder

We’ve made a few other small changes throughout the entire platform, but also added the ability for the residents in your community to now use Relay via a web browser, so we hope you find this latest round of updates improving Relay overall, as well as making things a little easier and safer in your day-to-day.

We really appreciate your continued use of Relay, and are ready and waiting at hello@relayapp.com if you have any questions, ideas, or other feedback for us. If Relay isn’t for you, we’d love to know why. And of course, if you love Relay, we want to hear about that, too.